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My kids are being wild so we eat fast and wrap it up. An estimated per cent of Muslim marriages in the UK are not registered under the Marriage Act, unlike Christian and Jewish marriages, which are registered automatically. Sitting with a soiled singlet in front of his workshop in Agege area of Lagos, the man spotting a pot-belly, that many could easily conclude to be a beer gut, is far from being an epitome of masculinity. They show up with their three kids and with two nannies. Applying for social welfare would have been easier if she had been from another country.

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We sleep with our arms on top of our bed covers so it doesn't happen.

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The life of a 'sisterwife'

I can respect that. All income from the wives goes into the same account and each wife gets the same allowance for their personal needs, the rest is saved for special events and needs for us wives. You are lying. I have therapy. They show up with their three kids and with two nannies. Her husband is also wealthy and so we have good funding on our hands — the only problem is neither of us is particularly motivated.

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